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If you’re into the Christian faith, this is certainly a good school to help your young one get acquainted with the bible and get a good education from a solid curriculum.  Also, your kids will have a great time playing with different toys, games, and lots of physical activities to keep them mobile. You can register online to start enrollment and also any special treats they made bring in. After turning one year, your child can begin attending classes and before and after care is available for a small fee. 


Mrs W E Crownover Verified Comment May 22, 2017

The instructions on this site say to keep it positive. But, when it comes to being a Christian, we must be biblical, not popular. This is an honest review based upon biblical principles. NOT a Christian school! BEWARE CHRISTIAN PARENTS As the child attending (formerly attending after today's worldly display) is not my child but a former foster child's child,I depended upon the mother to do a full investigation regarding the actions and curriculum of the school. I am SHOCKED at the ever increasing anti Christian behavior and vocabulary being displayed by the 4 year old as she relays what she's "learned today at school". Last week, she said she was "pregnant" and pulled Minnie Mouse out from underneath her skirt. (A vulgar action and a crass word never used here at home, we say "expecting" when its warranted and she knows no-one expecting). On Friday, she came home with a new word, octopus (Plus a few extra letters attached at the end, think old 70s James Bond movie)... Another word she has never heard in her life at this home or at the church that we attend. We are fundamentalists and separatists. We have done such a disservice to this child by thrusting her into the carnal "Christian" world, we thank the Lord we caught it so quickly! When I tried to speak to the director about it, she acted as if she had no knowledge whatsoever of the children's conversation. When I suggested that it was her responsibility to know what four year olds were saying to each other, she threw her hands up in the air, turned her back on me and hurried inside so that she could she could essentially hide within the sleeping children so that I would not confront her and awaken them. (I tried to discuss it outside but she cowed and said "leave a review, I don't care, I'm leaving anyway." after I tried to get her attention by saying I'd have to leave a review. Upon perusing the child's Journal which, has been kept at the school up until now, I find that for Resurrection Sunday, they celebrated a pagan holiday as opposed to a Christian one. Her journal was full of Easter eggs and candy, something she has never been subjected to. She knows what Resurrection Sunday is and she knows that Easter is a pagan holiday, fertility rites, celebrated by Caesar per scripture. The child has come home with new words like "hooker" (she asked me if her teacher were a hooker and I said where did you hear that word and why would you say that? She said "Well, God says girls are not supposed to wear pants but she wears pants and they're tight and I can see her girl parts." When I tried to speak to the teacher about it, she said that I wasn't being fair. I said I'm being scriptural it is absolutely fair. She got her tuition money, she vaguely watched the children, damaging at least one of them and now I have a lot of repair to do... I pray that Godly Parents grandparents and foster parents will avidly research before putting their children in something that purports to be a Christian facility. Like another reviewer said, just because you put the word Christian on it does not mean it is so. It is simply a sales tactic. My husband was disgusted and dismayed to find that the teacher's assistant has a nice shiny nose ring and he insisted we remove her from the school. I tried to speak with the director about it but she simply does not care. I do know that this Not Christian School is being overtaken by Little Lords & Ladies Christian school but I am unaware as to the actual faith of the new director. We have chosen instead to send our little treasure to a fundamental Baptist boarding school where she will be with children she knows, preachers and teachers that she knows and will be taught the absolute biblical truth. Her mother will be attending a private college on the same campus so she can keep a watchful eye on the child God has entrusted to her. This is so heartbreaking, but the warnings are here for all to take note of.

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