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ABOUT Carina Nichole Designs Inc

As a design focused company, Carina Nichole Designs is located in the Orlando, FL area, working remotely, and provides affordable electronic (E-design) to client's nationwide.

Furthermore, CND also provides the traditional design method of designing in a step by step process through a design consultation phase, color/scheme and space planning development, an overall presentation providing lighting, fixtures, accessories, furniture, window treatment options, all material selections, for the interior as well as exterior design selections, to Orlando, Fl residents, or other locations through free-lance and joint-venture projects with Genercal Conractors or Architects.

In addition, construction phase scaled drawings,  elevations, architectural detailing, custom cabinetry, and custom made furniture are all available options. Carina Nichole Designs takes pride in their client's satisfaction to exceed desired expectations.

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