Guang Ming Temple

6555 Hoffner Ave, Orlando, FL 32822

(407) 281-8482

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ABOUT Guang Ming Temple

The Guang Ming Temple focuses on compassion and truth as part of its mission statement. This is a place to relax and just deeply get rooted in the heart of buddhism. They want to purify hearts through Buddhism and spread the word in a way that helps nurture talents through education. There are different services available from funerals, Dharma, Buddhist weddings, and even meditation retreats. A good meditation retreat can help you focus your mind and really get you away from all of your stress. It’s perfect to spend some time and get away from it all to build a clear palate for success. There are different videos and photos available on the site so you can see events and charitable functions to help you get more involved. Also, you can get a virtual tour of the temple.

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