Islamic Society of Central Florida

545 W Central Blvd, Orlando,, FL 32801

(407) 835-9600

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ABOUT Islamic Society of Central Florida

What started out as a small trailer in a few Muslim families in the 1970s, has grown into something even bigger. This is a great resource not only here but in the overall Islamic community as it keeps abreast to world events. You can show your support by buying items from this community on Amazon. Also, you can donate to their causes to help different societies out.  There are a lot of great outreach programs that can help you get involved with some worldly issues as well as stuff happening nationally. Get your kids involved in the childcare system to get some good education not only on Islamic principles but on general education as well. From counseling, healthcare, and even care for the homeless, this is a mosque that will affect people of all walks of life. 


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