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ABOUT Goodwill

It’s always important to give more than you receive especially today when unemployment is high and tons of people without homes. You never know how a simple pair of jeans or a scarf can really help someone in need. Goodwill not only caters to the have-nots, but they also have a good retail store. If you are the kind of person that enjoys some nice items but you don’t want to pay full retail, this is the place for you. You’ll get a more wide range selection outside of just the typical department store in your mall. Also, you may find some unique items that you can’t shop anywhere else. Also, some of the proceeds of sales from shopping at Goodwill go to job training and eventually helping someone build a stable career. You can help someone fund their education through working at Goodwill by directly supporting the cause. Why not partner and see how you Goodwill can come together for a common issue? It’s a great place to do business.

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