Get Your Grub on at The Taste of Oviedo 2016

You have to love an old school event with a new school twist. A “Taste of” style event is nothing new but this particular one has some great touches to give it a unique experience that will keep you coming back for more. Taste of Oviedo is located right at Oviedo Mall, so save the date for March 12, 2016. It’s an all-day affair that lasts from 10am to 6pm. This is absolutely perfect begin your day or go toward the evening so you still have time to go to another outing or start your nightlife. You don’t have to go to New Orleans or other well known places to get some extraordinary food. You’ll find that here in Oviedo, there are some great foods to try as well as put your own spin on some classics. Still hunger for more? Let’s get into what this event is all about.

First of all, this is a great outing for you and your family. Your kids will be entertained by the great activities and rides in the Kids Taste area. This is perfect to let your kids be in a safe environment while you go off and do your own thing. Let them experience the Bounce House where they can jump up and down in a safe moon bounce machine, watch an extreme cheer team dance and perform jumps on stage, and even look at some creative art performances. They get a full-fledged experience right in this great facility. There’s a very dynamic lineup that will keep your kids entertained for hours on this day.

One of the main attractions for the adults is The Citrus and Celery Cook-off. Celery was actually the cream of the crop product in Oviedo in the 1940s. Citrus and celery together really created an economic boom, which is why it’s relevant now in this cooking competition. A tasting ticket costs $5 and if you are a judge, you’re guaranteed tasting for any citrus and celery based dish. If you pay $12, you can also get a cook-off t-shirt which is made in Oviedo. You can visit the Citrus and Celery Cook-off websites not only to register to be a judge, but find menus and even recipes regarding these ingredients.

If you want to have an even bigger part in the event, you can always volunteer your time to help make the function run smoother. Make sure to send an EPK ahead of time months before the event so you can perform your music there or be in a creative act. Some of the other things you can get involved with are classes in the School of Rock. Learn about rock music and even see a live performance. If you have any creative work or food for sale, please be sure to register and pay your fee.

The combination of great food, art, and entertainment makes this one of the top events in the Oviedo area. If you are visiting Oviedo or live here, please be sure to check out Taste of Oviedo 2016.


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