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Best Orlando Holiday Events 2022

Are you looking forward to celebrating upcoming holidays in Orlando? Then you should take a look at the best Orlando holiday events and pick the ones that you should be visiting. To make life easy for you, we thought of sharing a list of a few Orlando holiday events that you may think about visiting as of now.  Hanukkah Celebration of Lights Dates of Event: 18th of December from 5:30pm… Continue reading

Best Karate in Oviedo Florida – Updated [current-year]

1. Oom Yung Doe – Central Florida Leaving behind the Good Seeds Life is quite demanding for both good and bad. But do not worry, because when you choose Chung Doe as your pathway, you will always get a sweet fruit. Something like a good seed for the whole next generation. The principles of Moo Doe have been passed down from centuries to maintain the bond of a family. A good… Continue reading

9 Best Day Care Oviedo

1. KidsRKids First on our list as one of the best daycares in Oviedo is KidsRKids. Their innovative child programs are absolutely the best, with technologies integrated classes, highly trained staff, and two accreditations. The environment of this daycare is inspiring, which is what your child needs. Things that made this daycare splendid are the protected 24/7 live video streaming of your child’s classroom, STEAM lab, indoor gymnasium, numerous extra-curricular… Continue reading

Best State Parks for Oviedo Florida Residents

Overall, Florida is a great place to stay outside and enjoy the weather. It has a tropical vibe and there are tons of parks near Oviedo that are great for relaxing, hiking, horseback riding, and more. Getting a breather every now and again from the daily hustle and bustle of life is certainly a good stress reliever. Luckily, you don’t have to travel too far from home to get this… Continue reading

Best Painter in Oviedo Florida

It’s that time of the year again when homeowners begin to think about their home remodeling plans. Painting is typically prominent on the list of home renovation projects. Choosing the best painter in Oviedo FL requires some research, comparing each contractor’s reputation, pricing, service guarantees and other factors to see how they align with your goals. A great painter also ensures that you get value for your money and make… Continue reading

Oviedo Florida Hurricane Resources and Tips

When it comes to inclement weather, you can’t stop the strength or length of what’s to come. All you can really do is prepare yourself for the worst case scenario. Everything else is pretty much out of reach because it’s a natural phenomena that really depends on how hard and long the storm lasts. Being in a more tropical climate, it’s something to always have in mind during the summer… Continue reading

The Best Beaches Near Oviedo

1. Playalinda Beach (Distance From Oviedo Florida: 42.1 miles) A very interesting name for a relaxing beach. If you’re a nature fanatic, this has natural habitat written all over it. If you aren’t too shy, you can go to the beach in your birthday clothes (figuratively and literally). It can get a little busy at times, but it still doesn’t overcrowd like other beaches in the area that get run down… Continue reading

20 Awesome Things To Do Near Oviedo This Saturday, May 14, 2016

Longing to do something after a busy week? Well, fortunately you have some great choices to help de-stress during your weekend. Whether you want to go out with your friends or kids, you have a lot to do on your Saturday. From going outside, to museums, and taking in a nice show, you won’t get bored and you’ll start to discover how much you can really enjoy a good weekend… Continue reading

50 Things to Do With Kids Near Oviedo, FL

1. Friendship Park With the playground section for both kids and baby, picnic tables, and more, this is great for the whole family. It’s located here: 200 W Broadway St, Oviedo, FL 32765. Location: In Oviedo 2. Oviedo Bowling Center It’s a good place for families to get together, kids to have birthday parties, and much more. It’s located right at 376 E. Broadway St., Oviedo, FL 32765. Location: In… Continue reading

6 Awesome Places to Hike in Oviedo

Hiking is one of the top notch things in Florida due to the weather and the scenery. This makes for ultimately a great place to relax, catch some fresh air, and get some good exercise while you’re at it. Whether you want to be alone or spend time with family, hiking is certainly a way to relieve stress from the daily norm. Luckily, Oviedo is a hotbed for hiking because… Continue reading