20 Awesome Things To Do Near Oviedo This Saturday, May 14, 2016

Longing to do something after a busy week? Well, fortunately you have some great choices to help de-stress during your weekend. Whether you want to go out with your friends or kids, you have a lot to do on your Saturday. From going outside, to museums, and taking in a nice show, you won’t get bored and you’ll start to discover how much you can really enjoy a good weekend without spending an arm and a leg. Here are 20 things to do near Oviedo on Saturday.


10 Things to Do With Kids/Family Near Oviedo This Weekend

Astro Skate Orlando Center Skating Lessons

Looking to get your kid more mobile on wheels? Skating is a great activity to start. Do you have a child that needs help learning how to skate? Absolutely no problem here because this facility runs a skating lesson for beginners and intermediate at a young age. The skating class runs from 9:15am to 10am. Admission is $8 and also includes the skate for play from 10am to 12pm. For an additional $5, you have skate trainers available to help you gain balance and fundamentals. This is a great outing for your kids and you can also enjoy some fun with skates.

Repticon Orlando Reptile and Exotic Animal Show

This is one of the premiere shows of the Central Florida Fairground at 4603 West Colonial Drive, FL 32808. The perfect full on exotic animal expo for your kid and you to enjoy all day long. You have three ticket options if you plan to go for one day, two days, or VIP. If you just want to go on Saturday, the rates are as follows: $10 adults; $5 kids (ages 5-12). Kids under 5 get free entry.

Endangered Species Day at Central Florida Zoo

A visit to the weekend zoo always makes for a fun trip with the family at this great location. However, what makes this special is the Endangered Species Day. From 10am-3pm, your kids can get a more up and close look at different endangered species even in Florida. There are great games, crafts, arts, and other activities to keep your child fully entertained. This is a great thing for the community because it lets your child become aware of why certain animals need to be preserved. The admission of this event is free due to it being included in the regular zoo admission fee of $19.50 per adult, $13.75 per kid (ages 3-12), and free for kids under 3.

Kite Day at Avian Reconditioning Center For Birds of Prey

This is a great celebration due to the swallow-tailed kite birds coming back to Florida. They typically migrate to Brazil during the winter time. It’s beautiful sighting to take on a spring day to enjoy some beautiful birthdays that are only around for certain seasons. Also, it’s National Bird Migration Day on May 14th, so it makes things extra special. Fly a kite with your kid and enjoy the high air it gets while you take in a couple snapshots of the beautiful kite birds in the area. Admission to the event is free.

Gateway Center for the Arts Youth Pottery

Arts are always a great activity for your kids because it allows them to express themselves. Luckily, there’s a good pottery class for kids from 7-12 every Saturday (10am-12pm ongoing). There are ongoing classes during the day, so you can call ahead to find a suitable time for you and your kid. The instructor is Barbara Munci, and she teaches the basic hand work to even the potters wheel. All of these aspects will be covered in the class. She also sets the cost for materials and firing fee. Members of the center will be charged $10 per class and non-members will be charged $12 each session.

Harvestmoon Farm’s 1st Annual Sunflower Maze

This is pure adventure for your children right as the weather really starts getting good. While there’s a good sunflower maze that happens at fall, this is a great addition that will have your kids excited for more. Some of the activities your kid can partake include the following: petting farm, jumping pillow, cow train, pony rides, and more. It’s a wonderful sun maze that goes from 10am-4pm. The tickets run at a rate of $11.95 plus tax from ages 3 and up; free under age 3. It’s the perfect way to start your day for some family fun.

Junior Golf Clinic – Rockledge

A great way to start your Saturday morning with the kids. Be sure to call ahead to ensure that the event is happening on Saturday. This is a special Saturday event that’s a part of the Mike Warobic Golf Academy. Three instructors are available to assist your child to learn the basics of golf. All of the equipment is included with only a $5 charge. You won’t need to worry about bringing a golf club or balls. Additionally, the kids can get a complimentary cold drink and  snack after the golf session is over. This makes for a valuable 9am-10am session.

Lake County Water Safety Day

Safety in the water is important especially when it comes to living in more tropical places. This is a full day that will allow your kids to respect the water and understand proper safety procedures for survival tactics. Your kids will get free tips for swimming, CPR demonstration,life vest tutorial, mock drowning exercises, open swimmings, exhibits, and many more activities in the water. This is an important life tactic that will help save lives. Also, it’s free of charge so it can benefit both you and your child in any kind of underwater situation.

Latin Fun Fiesta at Windermere Library

This is a great Maya and Miguel celebration at the library. Get a taste of latin culture and fun all in one day.  From the ages of 6-12, your kids will be enthralled in different activities for a good hour (11am to 12pm) to begin your Saturday afternoon. Be on the lookout for other activities happening during the day at Windermere Library. The cost of this event is free.

Mini House Club Dance Party

Does your kid need a creative outlet that allows music and dancing? Mini House Club is the perfect day party from 2pm-6pm to allow your kid to have a great time. There’s a live deejay, art lab, yoga class, and more catered to kids from 5-12 years old. Also, adults can get in for a small admission ($5 plus fee) with the purchase of a kid’s ticket at $10.00 plus $1.54 fee. It’s a great way to get really involved with the family and there’s an activity for everyone.


10 Others Things to Do Near Oviedo This Weekend

Walk to Cure Arthritis

It’s important to sign up for a charity that means something. Luckily, this weekend is a great event to spread awareness and raise money to help cure arthritis. It’s a great cause and it encourages activity. You’ll find that it has a positive impact on the community because it gets everyone involved especially for a leading cause of disability. It’s free to go to the event but a donation is suggested to help with the cause.

Spring Fling & Classic Car Corral

This is the perfect event for all car enthusiasts. Whether you want to purchase a vehicle from an auction, network with different people in the area, or just come out for a good cause, this is an event you don’t want to miss! The event runs from 9am to 5pm and it’s free to attend. The donations from the event go to the Children’s Miracle Network. Have fun with great entertainment, food, music, and family.

Jazz on the Vineyard Green

Do you like settling in nature while enjoying some fantastic music in the background? This is a great event happening from 10am to 5pm that allows you to relax in a comfortable environment. The event costs $2 for entry and it benefits the Central Florida DreamPlex. Go on a Wine Tour and sip on great wine, soft drinks and beer while taking a trip through the great outdoors. There’s a great food available for purchase to go with your drinks.

Bacon, Bourbon, and Blues

Bacon, bourbon, and blues? Sounds very eventful, right? This is the perfect evening event from 5pm-11pm at Center Lake Park. It features live music from Victor Wainwright, winner of the 2016 B.B. King Entertainment of the Year and Best Band of the Year awards. General admission is $20 pre-sale and $25 at the door. If you want VIP access, it’s $75 but includes parking, meet and greet, and exclusive tastings of bourbon and bacon. A part of the proceeds goes to Hope Helps for homelessness.

The Pinball Lounge First Anniversary

If you’re a pinball/nostalgia fanatic, this is certainly the anniversary for you to attend. This the first year for the event and you’ll have a nice and throwback feel to playing some old school pinball machines. From 3pm until closing, this will be a rocking event with food, music, pinball, and even tournaments to enter. The entrance fee is free for everyone, so just it’s the perfect Saturday evening event to enjoy with the the family.

Late Night Swim at Spacebar

Every once in awhile it’s good to go to a club with your friends. Spacebar is a nice spot to go to after the day madness and end your night on a high level. Entry for Saturday is $5. From house, drum and bass, and other genres, you’ll find yourself immersed in an eclectic array of music. Get a great deal also with a 2 for $5 PBR Tallboys. Perfect for washing your bar food down or setting in a nice vibe before you continue the evening.

Cult Classics: Princess Mononoke

For those into movies, this is a classic film that you’ll watch on 35mm at Enzian Theater. If you’re an anime fanatic, this is one of the best films to watch on the big screen. This is a premier film from well known director, Hayao Miyazaki. Even though it premiered nearly 20 years ago, it’s still one of those films that people enjoy in a theater setting because that’s how it was originally presented when it released to the US in the late 90s. Enjoy your cult classic for $8 admission. Get a large popcorn and a cherry icee just like when you were a kid.

Dollar Day Upscale Thrift

If you’re thrifty but like nice clothing, go to this incredible event where you can save a lot of money. You’ll have access to some pieces that are actually $1. Talk about a major relief for your wallet! It’s free to attend the event so get your pocket ready to buy multiple items. Instead of going to an expensive department store, why not see what this smaller spot has to offer?

Art Gallery Event at Barterby’s

Do you appreciate great art in a nice, relaxing environment? You’ll find this Saturday event is the perfect kickback to your evening. Not only is this a relaxing environment but it’s an art auction that donates to the Assistance Fund. Enjoy some finger food, wine, and art to set off your evening. There are great prizes and giveaways in addition to the regular artwork. The price of admission is free.

Winter Park: The War Years at Winter Park Museum

Winter Park is a great museum with a lot of rich local history. On Saturday, the kids can get a taste of 1940s culture. They will get a first look into what a kitchen from the 1940s was like. Also, it gives perspective from the living room and the kid’s playroom as well. It’ll show your kid what the world was like years back and allow them to appreciate the technology and things they have now.

These are a few of the things you can get into this weekend that will certainly put a pep in your step. From family gatherings, things for your kids, and your own personal enjoyment, you’ll have a very fulfilling weekend outside of the house.

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  1. Comment From Mick Johanson

    This is a great list. It just goes to prove that you can really never run out of things to do in Florida.

  2. Comment From Harry Rodriguez

    This is a great list of places and events that I didn’t know about. I will be adding a few of these to my list of things to do in the future.

  3. Comment From Bruce Simon

    If you love Bacon, Bourbon, and Blues, that event is the place to be. I attended and had enough bacon to make my heart content.

  4. Comment From Lisa Tamlin

    Not many people realize how many cultural activities that there are in Orlando. There is more than just Disney here.

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