The Best Beaches Near Oviedo

1. Playalinda Beach (Distance From Oviedo Florida: 42.1 miles)

A very interesting name for a relaxing beach. If you’re a nature fanatic, this has natural habitat written all over it. If you aren’t too shy, you can go to the beach in your birthday clothes (figuratively and literally). It can get a little busy at times, but it still doesn’t overcrowd like other beaches in the area that get run down by tourism. Do you want to catch some awesome waves? Go surfing in the water and you’ll see how great of time you can have hours in this undeveloped territory.


2. Canaveral National Seashore (Distance From Oviedo Florida: 43.6 miles)

Although this can be considered more of a tourist kind of attraction, it certainly serves a purpose for the greater good. This is a sort of refuge for wildlife that’s become nearly extinct. There’s 25 miles of undeveloped beach here which leads into the Atlantic Ocean. Of course, the John F. Kennedy Space Center is located on the southern end of this seashore. Whether you’re here for the beach or to go to the space center, it’s certainly a fun place to visit.


3. Daytona Beach (Distance From Oviedo Florida: 52.3 miles)
Daytona Beach is just a place with tons of activity. From the Daytona 500 race held each year and the LPGA International, this is the epitome of great sport attractions in Florida. If you’re a bit younger (early 20s), this is an excellent place to spend your Spring Break after a hard middle semester in school. If you want the nightlife, the presence of people, this is somewhere you should go to mingle with the people.


4. Cocoa Beach (Distance From Oviedo Florida: 52.7 miles)
Another great hot spot in Florida that will keep you entertained throughout your vacation time. From the beach and cruising, you’ll see these are two main areas that really get a lot of traffic in the area. It’s also home to Ron Jon’s, a surfing shop that gets at least 2 million visitors per year. From the different surfing events in the area, this is a real hot bed for surfers to enjoy the competition. In fact, they hold the National Kidney Foundation Pro-Am Surfing Festival each year during the Labor Day weekend. Whether you’re visiting or thinking of retiring, this is an incredible place to stay.)


5. Ponce Inlet (Distance From Oviedo Florida: 59.9 miles)
A very unique place with a great surf zone. Also, it’s known as one of Florida’s most complete light station. Over 80,000 people visit this place and it’s become a historic landmark. It’s the tallest lighthouse in Florida and the second tallest in the nation. Visit the exhibit on lighthouse life and more when you go to visit the area.


6. Disappearing Island (Distance From Oviedo Florida: 60 miles)
This is an amazing sandbar kind of environment. The whole mystique behind the disappearing island is that it typically shows when the water recedes. If you like to sail your boat, this is a paradise for you due to the pure sandy land. If you are looking to let your hair down and spend some time away from the kids, this is a great spot to do that. Enjoy the sand, the water, and the general environment at this live spot during the afternoon into the evening.


7. Melbourne Beach (Distance From Oviedo Florida: 68.7 miles)
Do you enjoy tons of outdoor activity? Melbourne Beach is certainly the place to keep it fun outside. Whether you want to go on a day tour and check out the wildlife, head to the nearby Brevard Zoo and get up and close to animals, or let your kids enjoy some time at the amusement park, you have choices to make your stay that much better. Rent out a condo near the beach, and just enjoy the beautiful scenery and feeling of being away in a pleasant atmosphere.


8. Sebastian Inlet (Distance From Oviedo Florida: 84.7 miles)
From the Spanish Treasure Fleet of 1715 to the first attempt at creating an inlet in the 1800s, this spot has a very rich history that’s undeniable. This 3 mile radius of beautiful beach is home to great swimming, shelling, scuba diving, snorkeling. When you go up to the Indian River Lagoon, you can take in some canoeing and kayaking. Also, this is a nice place for surfers because different competitions are held here on a yearly basis. Check out the history of this place through a couple of the museums located in the area.


9. Vilano Beach (Distance From Oviedo, Florida: 107 miles)
Vilano Beach is an absolute treat and sight for sore eyes when it comes to the aesthetics. The place is really clean and it doesn’t get super crowded like other beaches in the surrounding area. You can actually find decent parking at the right times. One of the key things you want to see is how the dolphins swim through the water. It’s one of those sights that you can just enjoy as you look out on the water. If you’re big on sea shells, this is great place to add to your collection and remember your time at the beach once you get home.


10. Round Island Beach Park (Distance From Oviedo, Florida: 109 miles)
Round Island Beach is absolutely incredible for your seeing great aquatic life. From the dolphins, sharks, and manatees, you’ll be able to get more of an upclose look at how things go underwater. You don’t have to go underwater to get a great view of everything because the launch/boardwalk are great places to take a look at what lies below. Take a tour on the river and enjoy your evening out with the family.


11. Pine Island (Distance From Oviedo, Florida: 117 miles)
Need more of a tropical flavor on your vacation? Now, Pine Island gives you that beautiful, serene look right in Florida. You won’t get the typical sand you see at the beach. No. This is a bit more secluded and country with mangroves. Instead of seeing the tourist attractions and the high development like other city beaches, this is meant to keep natural. The rural qualities, boating, and fishing appeal to people. Relax and taste some lychee and mango as you take in the sun.


12. Clearwater Beach (Distance From Oviedo, Florida: 126 miles)
This place definitely takes the cake for a scenic route. Besides the beautiful white sand that stretches across a 2.5 mile radius, it’s an excellent place for outdoor activities. Take part in things such as: parasailing, jetskiing, pirate ship cruises, and more. In the general area, you can take in some great shopping and dining at restaurants. Due to the recreation, entertainment, and lifestyle, it’s been rated as a top beach of the United States.


13. Caladesi Island State Park (Distance From Oviedo, Florida: 129 miles)
Are you looking for something a bit more undercover? Well, Caladesi Island State Park is a spot you can get to by ferry, private boat, or walking along the boardwalk from Clearwater. This is certainly a fan favorite because it has a great hiking route, beach, marina, and more. Enjoy this spot as a place to have a great picnic with your family and friends.


14. St. Pete Beach (Distance From Oviedo, Florida: 133 miles)
If you want to be in the know, this is the tourist spot of all. With sugary white sand, dolphins frolicking off the shore, and eight barrier islands, you’ll get a very scenic approach to beach life like none other. In the past 50 years, it’s grown into a very popular destination that travelers will not soon forget. Kayak through the beautiful waters, take in a trip to a great art museum, or simply stroll through the islands and see great wildlife throughout your day. It’s a beautiful beach that will lay on your mind throughout time.


15. Pass-a-Grille Beach (Distance From Oviedo, Florida: 133 miles)
Looking to get away for a bit in a calmer area? This is a bit more on the quiet scale because you can actually park your car and take a walk around without being bothered too much. This is more of the historic district, which was designated as such in 1989. The beachfront gives you access to boutiques, ice cream shops, art markets, restaurants, and more. Although this has more of a relaxing tone, it’s still very active with lots of things to do. Get a bit more one-on-one time with your special person in this great place.


16. Fort de Soto (Distance From Oviedo, Florida: 136 miles)
This park was established in 1962 and continues to be a great place where people visit year round. This incredible place covers 5 islands on the Gulf of Mexico and Tampa Bay with enough activities to last you some days. If exploring is your pride and joy, go ahead and take a canoe, kayak, or bike to explore the trails in this place. Let your kids enjoy the water at the beach while you kick back in the sand.


17. Atlantic Beach (Distance From Oviedo, Florida: 141 miles)
This is certainly a great beach to go but maybe during the week would work best because the weekends do get packed. Seeing as you’re close to the city, you shouldn’t be surprised at the influx of people. However, this place does provide a bit of serenity away from the hustle and bustle of Jacksonville. Whether you’re out to get a good walk with your dog, take in some sun and relax the day, get a drink at a local bar, or have dinner at a great restaurant, you certainly have some good options to enjoy your time there.


18. Anna Maria Island (Distance From Oviedo, Florida: 144 miles)
A laid-back gem that’s perfect for relaxation. Golfing and fishing are two of the most popular activities on this island. This spot has a rich history with the Timucan and Caloosan American Indian tribes inhabiting the place. What was more of a hidden jewel years back has become a great tourist attraction. There’s great wildlife from different pelicans, sea turtles, manatees, and dolphins available.


19. Cedar Key (Distance From Oviedo, Florida: 153 miles)
While Cedar Key is not necessarily a beach itself, it’s an old-fashioned part of town that has a lot of beaches in it. Additionally, you can check out the Cedar Key Beach Front Motel which has the true island kind of vibe you want without the heavy tourism. Get access to great wildlife, natural habitats, scenery, and a unique heritage in the Florida Keys. From different events like the Pirate Invasion and Seafood Festival, you’ll be immersed in some great entertainment.


20. Boneyard Beach (Distance From Oviedo, Florida: 155 miles)
This beach has a very unique structure about it and stretches a mile right along Big Talbot Island State Park. Some people don’t recommend swimming in this particular place but it’s certainly a photogenic area due to the way the water looks. It derives its name from bleach skeletons of oaks along the beach. Additionally, there have been some recent archaeological findings such as flosses from mammoths and sharks. Otherwise, this is a great area to do your hiking and just look around the scene.


21. Siesta Beach (Distance From Oviedo, Florida: 156 miles)
If you are looking for paradise on a beach in Florida, this is your ticket. Talk about pure 99% quartz sand that’s actually cool to the feet. You don’t have to worry about having a red foot from walking in hot sand due to the sun burning the place up in those heat filled summers. The water is crystal clear and warm, so it feels amazing dipping in after a long week. Are you looking to get away from your harsh winter up north for a while? Head to this relaxing place.


22. Carlin Beach (Distance From Oviedo, Florida: 159 miles)
Overall, this is just an incredible beach area. Point blank. Do you have a family that keeps active especially outdoors? There’s a great playground available for your kids to enjoy right along the beach. Not to mention, there’s an amphitheater where you can watch great movies and view some incredible concerts. Play a game of tennis or walk your dogs in the park right next to the beach.


23. Blowing Rocks Preserve (Distance From Oviedo, Florida: 160 miles)
This preserve is absolutely incredible from the way it looks and how it can certainly stir up an adventurous morning or evening. Hike through the sea grape shades where you can also take a look at the coastline. You’ll find that this preserve is home to a lot of interesting aquatic life including amazing sea turtles who happen to place their eggs along the shoreline. From the wildflower and other plant life, you’ll get an amazing treat in mother nature.


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  1. Comment From Jose Rodriguez

    It’s really amazing how many great beaches are with just a few hours drive or less. This is a great list that I will be sure to bookmark.

  2. Comment From Justin Rivera

    One of the best things about Daytona Beach is the fact that you can drive and park right on the sand. This really saves you from having to drag all your beach supplies from the parking lot to the sand.

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